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Top 5 Luck Based Games at Online Casinos

The modern gambling industry has already gone beyond the classic slots, any gambler can find a suitable game for oneself. However, there are games in which the winning is largely dependent on luck.


Practically all simulators used in online casinos offer approximately the same scheme. If these are video slots, then there are a few reels and a choice of the number of pay lines. The result depends on the chance that the player will get the desired combination of symbols, ensuring the payout of the winnings.


At the base of the game is a rotating wheel with a ball and a playing field with numbers from 0 to 36. The wheel is divided into sectors of two colours: red and black. The goal of the game is to guess in which sector or number the ball will stop.


The main attributes are two cubes, on which points are depicted in the range from one to six on each of the six edges. The goal of the player is to guess the combination that the cubes form. The winning combination is determined by the random number generator. The players make bets on the different sectors of the game table.


Most of the screen in this game is necessarily taken up by the game field with numbers from 1 to 80. The essence of the game remains unchanged. It is necessary to predict the dropout from 1 to 10-15 numbers, depending on the type. The more the user guesses, the bigger the winning will be. Potential payments are shown in the special table.


General rules for all types of this game:

  • Each player receives a virtual card (or several) with an individual set of numbers.
  • The game contains 90 balls from “1” to “10”.
  • The player fills the sector, which, according to his/her opinion, can become winning.
  • After this, the game starts, the numbers start to appear on the screen, you need to check them with your card. The program will automatically highlight the matched numbers and combinations.
  • The winning sectors will be paid following the table.

If you want to test your luck, you need to play the games presented in our article. They also run in free modes.

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